Beginners Guide

Below is a guide to what you will need to start     racing at our off-road remote control car track. Before purchasing your first car we recommend you come down to the track on a race day (1st & 3rd Sunday of every month) and speak with one of the members to get an understanding of what you will need. Members are all too willing to help and share information and might even be able to help you with good used equipment. We also recommend you speak with your local hobby shop to    ascertain the type of equipment that will work well for you.

What types of cars our club races.

Castle Hill Off Road Car Club run only 1/10 scale electric-powered cars. The car types are:

Buggies (2WD & 4WD)

Short Course Truck        

Stadium Truck

For information on the classes we race please consult the “Rules and Classes” tab on the home page.

The Car

Although there are plenty of brands available we recommend you purchase a car that is robust, is easy to source parts for and is common so other fellow racers can make suggestions on how you may be able to improve the setup of your car. Recommended brands are

Team Associated,  Team Losi Racing, Serpent, Xray etc


Once again a quality radio is essential. This will need to be matched with a receiver. 2.4 Ghz Brands that are common at the track include

Spectrum, Futaba, Sanwa or Fly-sky etc


Much has changed with regards to batteries in the last ten years. Lithium Polymer (Li Po) batteries are the choice of most enthusiasts today. With Li Po batteries you have the ability to top up the charge between races thus one battery will be enough to get you started. A battery with a capacity of between 4200mAh and 5000mAh in a hard case will easily last long enough for one race.


There are a vast number of balanced chargers on the market that will charge your batteries. There are  balanced chargers that run on 12V or 240V power or a combination of both. A 240V unit would be preferred as mains power is available at the track for use with chargers.

For a more in-depth guide please read Simon’s RC Racing 101


If you have any question, contact us on or  join the conversation on our forum

off road Radio control racing at castle hill

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