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At Hills Offroad RC we cater for 1/10th scale Electric RC cars (or smaller) only. All other types of cars are not permitted on the track, as it has been designed to suit their needs and larger or nitro powered cars can cause serious damage to our members hard work.

The classes at our club are run as per RCRA rules, which can be found in the EP Off-Road Section of their website below.


With our new drivers development program, drivers are encouraged to run whatever car they have, and get a taste of the action.

We recommend starting with something slow to learn the track and develop your ability, before progressing to the sanctioned classes.

Stadium Truck & Short Course  Truck

A combined class of Stadium Truck and Short Course Truck, we cater for all types of trucks when we have the numbers. 

Always a fun class, seeing such large cars flying over the triples!

2wd Stock Buggy

One of the most competitive classes, as the name suggests, is a 2wd buggy class, which is limited to running 17.5T Brushless motors, with blinky mode ESC's.

This is a great place to step into from Novice, and the competition can take you right from the start all the way to the top!

Turn 2 Whip.jpg
2wd Modified Buggy

More 2wd buggy action, but with no limits on motors. These rocket ships are over-powered machines ready to lift off, and require some of the most delicate, skilled driving of all the classes.

This is where you will find our best drivers showing their skills each week!

4wd Stock Buggy

Super popular and a great place to learn to drive a 4wd, this class is 4wd Buggy with 13.5T motors, using only blinky mode ESC's.

The additional power in this class makes it a great combination of speed, drive-ability and close racing!

AB 4wd Modified.jpg
4wd Modified Buggy  

We really should call this class warp speed Buggy...

4wd Buggy with no motor limits, these cars are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with an RC car.

Reaction time and smooth control is key, with one small error always resulting in a spectacular crash for the audience!

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