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At Hills Offroad RC we use LiveTime RC for recording all racing and running events. During the day and after the event you can use the following link to follow the days progress and track drivers rankings and lap times!

WA Junior Stock 1.jpg

Lap Records

Junior 2wd Stock Buggy
31.427 seconds - Will Aiken
 14th April 2024
AS 2wd Stock.JPG
 2wd Stock Buggy
 29.623 seconds - Andrew Selvaggi
  14th April 2024
Ari Bakla 2wd Mod.JPG
 2wd Modified Buggy
 28.020 seconds - Ari Bakla
 14th April 2024
MS 4wd Stock.JPG
 4wd Stock Buggy
 27.804 seconds - Michael Stone
  13th April 2024
LD 4wd Modified.JPG
 4wd Modified Buggy
 26.404 seconds - Lachlan Donnelly
 13th April 2024
Lachlan Munday ST.JPG
 Stadium Truck
28.514 seconds - Lachlan Munday
14th April 2024
Short Course Truck
31.733 seconds - James Muha
13th April 2024
 Junior 4wd Stock Buggy
99.999 seconds - TBA
7th October 2024
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