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04/02/2024 – Club Meeting Race Report

Yesterday at Hills Off Road RC was our latest club meeting for the year. With 70 entries not letting the heat exhaust the enthusiasm to get amongst it with strong fields in the four classes run. The racing was close in many instances, with also some very dominant drives seen throughout the day.


2wd Stock

With the largest field for the meeting, 29 drivers faced battle. Chris Milton fired the first shot with a storming drive on a slippery morning track to take round 1 qualifying with 11 laps (5:15.891). However, with the track grip coming up, it was Nathaniel White who would take top qualifier for the finals with a precision drive in round 2, posting 12 laps (5:22.359).

All three finals were competitive with a mix of results throughout the field as the track conditions changed throughout the day and some experimenting with tyres was done. But at the front, it was as competitive as ever, with A1 being taken by Bradd Vercoe which he backed up with a 2nd place in A2. Both A2 & A3 were under the control of Nathaniel White with the competition never very far behind him. Chris Milton rounded out the top three for the day with a solid performance to take a third and a second in the A2 & A3 finals respectively.

2wd Stock Race Results

1st – Nathaniel White (TQ)

2nd – Bradd Vercoe

3rd – Chris Milton

4th – Scott Hill

5th – Robert Smith

Fastest Lap of the Day – Nathaniel White - 25.463 seconds (A1 Final)


2wd Modified

12 entries rocked up for the show, with wild whips and aggressive overtakes being the order for the day. Round 1 went the way of Lachlan Donnelly setting 12 laps (5:11:751). Lachlan Donnelly locked in the top qualifier spot in round 2 with 12 laps (5:01.836) put up on the board.

The field did not disappoint for entertainment with all 12 cars running in the A mains for both modified fields, giving all plenty of action to watch anywhere on the track.  Lachlan Donnelly cleanly swept the day with wins in all three finals. Jarod Ment ran second with two second place finishes in A1 & A3. The podium was rounded out by Ben Cribbin a third and a second place in the A1 & A2 finals.

2wd Modified Race Results

1st – Lachlan Donnelly (TQ)

2nd – Jarod Ment

3rd – Ben Cribbin

4th – Sam Muffett

5th – Matthew Couper

Fastest Lap of the Day – Lachlan Donnelly – 24.256 seconds (A1 Final)


4wd Stock

17 entries laid down the gauntlet for some intense wheel-to-wheel racing throughout the day. Bradd Vercoe ran to an early lead taking round 1 in qualifying with 12 laps (5:03.920). Nathaniel White wasn’t settling for that, coming out in round 2 on top to take the top qualifier honours with 12 laps (5:00.428), placed in the results sheets.

The finals were a little hectic at times with no one giving an inch for Bradd Vercoe to come out on top with wins in both A1 & A3. Nathaniel White after a second in A1, took the win in A2 to place second for the day. Scott Hill completed the rostrum with third and second place finsihes in A1 & A2.

4wd Stock Race Results

1st – Bradd Vercoe

2nd Nathaniel White (TQ)

3rd – Scott Hill

4th – Chris Milton

5th – Jim Koimanis

Fastest Lap of the Day – Bradd Vercoe – 23.904 seconds (A1 Final)


4wd Modified

12 entries again faced the starter with the limits being pushed in all areas of speed, distance and height. With the extra grip the 4WDs deliver, the drivers were running the ragged edge at times looking for the extra speed needed to take them to the podium or even jump over their combatants. Lachlan Donnelly just dominated qualifying with 13 laps (5:07.669) in round 1, following it up with 13 laps (5:02.677) in round 2 to be the top qualifier for the finals by almost 20 seconds over the field.

Come to A1, both Matthew Couper (returning from a hiatus), and Ben Cribbin were on a mission to redeem themselves taking up the fight to Lachlan Donnelly in some epic racing between the three drivers. Donnelly came out on top from Couper then Cribbin with just over 2.5 seconds covering the three of them when they hit the line. Lachlan Donnelly then stepped up a gear taking the win in A2, and then he found another gear to take the win in A3 and being within 0.5 seconds of lapping the entire field running the only 15 lap run of the day in the process. Matthew Couper's second in both A2 & A3 gave him second for the day on a successful return to the track. With Ben Cribbin’s third in A1 and second in A3 giving him the last step on the dias.

4wd Modified Race Results

1st – Lachlan Donnelly (TQ)

2nd – Mathew Couper

3rd – Ben Cribbin

4th  - Sam Muffett

5th – Ben Panic

Fastest Lap of the Day – Lachlan Donnelly – 22.409 seconds (R2 Qualifying)


Well done to all those who attended and beat the heat, great to see some old and new faces in the pits and our next club race day is scheduled for 18th February. We hope to see you all there.


Follow the below link for the full race results

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