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16/06/2024 – Club Meeting Race Report

Today was a well-received return to action at Hills Off Road RC for our latest club meeting for the year after the wild weather has cancelled many meetings. With 64 entries not letting the cold dent their enthusiasm to get amongst it on such a fine Sunday.



With 4 drivers ready to show us all how to have fun, it was Saxon Gillott taking the round and overall TQ (7 laps/5:33.423). Husayn Omar followed (6 laps/5:10.572), with Sandon Gillott taking 3rd in the round (4 laps/5:36.464).

Husayn Omar took out round 2 (6 laps/5:34.561). Saxon Gillott took 2nd for the round despite a mechanical failure (4 laps/3:06.106). Sandon Gillott rounded out the top 3 for the round (4 laps/5:19.225).

All three finals were dominated by Saxon Gillott with wins in all. Husayn Omar finished second for the day with 2nd, 3rd and 2nd across the finals. The ever-improving Sandon Gillott finished third overall with 3rd, 2nd, and 3rd in the A finals.

Novice Race Results

1st – Saxon Gillott (TQ)

2nd – Husayn Omar

3rd – Sandon Gillott

4th – Riley Watson

Fastest Lap of the Day – Saxon Gillott – 40.469 seconds (A1 Final)


2wd Stock

With the largest field for the meeting, 23 drivers faced battle. Chris Milton in slippery conditions came out on top for round 1 and overall TQ (9 laps/5:20.168). Trent Johnson ran 2nd for the round (9 laps/5:29.134), with Ron Curby coming 3rd in round 1 (9 laps/5:33.776).

Chris Milton took the second round also (9 laps/5:31.640). This time it was Ron Curby taking 2nd for the round (9 laps/5:31.997) and Trent Johnson 3rd (9 laps/5:33.151).

Chris Milton completed the clean sweep taking wins in all three A mains in a commanding fashion. Behind Milton it was quite competitive with Scott Hill coming from 7th in qualifying for 2nd overall with 4th, 2nd and 3rd in the three finals. Chris Lander rounded out the podium from 4th in qualifying and 2nd, 4th and 5th finishes across the finals.

2wd Stock Race Results

1st – Chris Milton (TQ)

2nd – Scott Hill

3rd – Chris Lander

4th – Glen Andrews

5th – Jim Koimanis

Fastest Lap of the Day – Chris Milton – 33.637 seconds (R2 Qualifier)


2wd Modified

9 entries were ready to pull the trigger battling to put the power down in the conditions presented before them. Round 1 and overall TQ went to Matthew Couper (9 laps/5:02.126). Sam Muffett came 2nd for the round (9 laps/5:5:04.859), and Glenn Welch taking 3rd (9 laps/5:07.107).

With Matthew Couper missing round 2 of qualifying, this left the field to try and take it from him. Ben Cribbin was fastest for the round (9 laps/5:11.443), but he couldn’t take the top sot overall. Paul Shannon finished 2nd in the round (9 laps/5:13.639), and Andrew Gillott coming in 3rd (9 laps/5:20.964).

The field did not disappoint for entertainment with close racing throughout the top spots. It was Matthew Couper whom finished on top for the day with 4th and two wins across the A finals. Andrew Gillott came in 2nd after taking a masterful 1st, 5th and 3rd in the mains. Sam Muffett took the final step on the podium with consistent 2nd places across all three finals.

2wd Modified Race Results

1st – Matthew Couper (TQ)

2nd – Andrew Gillott

3rd – Sam Muffett

4th – Paul Shannon

5th – Ben Cribbin

Fastest Lap of the Day – Matthew Couper – 31.759 seconds (R1 Qualifier)


4wd Stock

18 entries showed for some action throughout the day. Many drivers took turns at leading throughout the first round of qualifying early, and it was Scott Hill who went fastest for both the round and taking overall TQ (10 laps/5:20.322). The old fox Ron Curby came in 2nd (10 laps/5:23.250), from Chris Milton in 3rd (10 laps/5:24.293).

Scott Hill again went fastest in round 2 (10 laps/5:22.893), from Ron Curby (10 laps/5:28.251), and Chris Milton in third (10 laps/5:28.345).

In the A finals, Scott Hill cleared out in each to clean sweep the day with three dominant wins. Peter Couper having his first race on the new track layout took 2nd overall after 5th, 2nd and 2nd across the A mains. Ron Curby came home 3rd after 2nd, 6th and 3rd place finishes across the day.

4wd Stock Race Results

1st – Scott Hill (TQ)

2nd – Peter Couper

3rd – Ron Curby

4th – Jim Koimanis

5th – Scott Harris

Fastest Lap of the Day – Chris Milton – 30.484 seconds (R1 Qualifier)


4wd Modified

10 entries faced the starter with the limits of adhesion being pushed in every run. Matthew Couper backed up his 2wd run with fastest time and overall TQ for the round (11 laps/5:26.593). Glenn Welch continued his consistent efforts for 2nd (10 laps/5:05.393). Ben Cribbin rounded out the top three for the round (10 laps/5:06.973).

Matthew Couper topped round 2 but could not go faster than his first run (10 laps/5:01.694). Andrew Gillott came in 2nd (10 laps/5:05.269), with Ben Cribbin taking 3rd (10 laps/5:07.294).

The racing in all three finals was close at times and on the edge. Matthew Couper however clean swept the day with three wins across the finals. Andrew Gillott challenged throughout the finals for 2nd overall with 4th, 2nd and 2nd across the three. Ben Cribbins consistency was rewarded with 3rd overall with 5th, 3d and 3rd finishes in the A mains.

4wd Modified Race Results

1st – Mathew Couper (TQ)

2nd – Andrew Gillott

3rd – Ben Cribbin

4th  - Sam Muffett

5th – Bradd Vercoe

Fastest Lap of the Day – Matthew Couper – 28.782 seconds (R1 Qualifier)


Thanks to all for the support as was great to get back to club racing. Our next club race day is scheduled for Sunday 7th July for the first round of the Hills Off Road RC Club Championship. We hope to see you all there.


Follow the below link for the full race results

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