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19/05/2024 – Club Meeting Race Report

Hills Off Road RC’s first club meeting after the NSW 1/10 EP Offroad Titles event was run. 43 keen entries fronted despite both the NSW 1/10 EP Onroad Titles and ACT 1/8 Offroad Titles also being run the same weekend. Due to low numbers, the 2wd classes and 4wd classes were combined to run all together as open classes for this meeting.


2wd Open

With the largest field for the meeting, 28 drivers faced battle. Andrew Gillott took out round 1 qualifying (10 laps/5:30.850), from Brad Vercoe (9 laps/5:03.315), and Glenn Welch (9 laps/5:04.213).

Andrew Gillott upped the ante in round 2 qualifying to TQ (10 laps/5:19.936), from Glenn Welch (10 laps/5:30.582), and Chris Milton (9 laps/5:02.868).

Andrew Gillott clean swept the day with wins in all three finals. Brad Vercoe finished 2nd for the day with 2nd, 3rd and 2nd across the three races. Chris Milton took 3rd place on the day with a consistent run of 3rd, 2nd and 3rd in the A mains.

2wd Open Race Results

1st – Andrew Gillott (TQ)

2nd – Bradd Vercoe

3rd – Chris Milton

4th – Ron Curby

5th – Glenn Welch

Fastest Lap of the Day – Andrew Gillott – 30.717 seconds (Q2)


4wd Open

15 entries of varying performance put some great racing on during the day. Glenn Welch was fastest in round 1 of qualifying (10 laps/5:06.200). Bradd Vercoe was second for the round (10 laps/5:15.509). Ron Curby followed on third (10 laps/5:26.445).

Bradd Vercoe hit back in round 2  qualifying to take TQ overall (11 laps/5:28.170). Glenn Welch was second for the round (11 laps/5:29.371). Chris Milton took third (10 laps/5:06.271).

Glenn Welch took the overall win with 2nd, 1st and 1st across the A mains. Bradd Vercoe ran second with 1st, 2nd and 2nd in the finals. Ron Curby rounded out the podium places in third with the results of 3rd, 4th and 3rd across the three finals.

4wd Open Race Results

1st – Glenn Welch

2nd - Bradd Vercoe (TQ)

3rd – Ron Curby

4th – Chris Milton

5th – Robert Smith

Fastest Lap of the Day – Bradd Vercoe – 28.175 seconds (A3 Final)


Follow the below link for the full race results


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