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Thanks to our amazing friends at Campbelltown Hobbies, we will be back on July 5th with a load of prizes to be given away throughout the day! They have been itching to give away some prizes and can't wait to get back to the track 👍

The committee has been working closely with council these last few weeks and we've been given approval to run race days as per normal as a community sporting event, under the conditions we have agreed to. We have attached the paperwork council has signed off and approved, and we will be following these guidelines and procedures to the letter to ensure we stay safe. It is a condition of entry that every racer must follow these guidelines, and anybody not following the procedures will be asked to leave.

Please have a read of these documents and make yourself familiar, we will run through some further details on race day.

It is imperative we stay vigilant during this next stage, we are super fortunate to be able to run these meetings and need to be patient with the new methods to stay open.

The next important item of business is we expect to see a number of new racers coming along, lockdown has brought in plenty of questions from new racers and in particular young racers! 🥳 It will be amazing to see as many of our existing members lending a hand to these people, and the committee has decided that moving forward kids 12 and under will be racing for free 🤩

The big one - 540! This will be the first race of the highly anticipated 540 class, we are expecting at least 15 entires from what we've been told so it's time for the show down! Anybody driving too fast in 540 will be getting a drive through penalty 🤣🤣

Final item on the list is entries - entries are open via RC Signup! Hope to see you there! 🥰

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